U.S. firms need to understand the importance of geopolitics on certain issues which are critical when dealing with major powers such as  China, India, and Russia. A perfect example of this is the present uncertainty surrounding tariffs and counter-tariffs between the U.S. and China. Another issue is the current escalation in hostilities between the U.S., Russia, and Ukraine in the Kerch Strait Crisis. In the current dynamic international system, transitioning from one of unipolarity to multipolarity, there is no longer any clear delineation between strictly security issues and strictly trade issues.

Our clients need to know the latest intelligence with respect to the trade and economic aspect of the U.S.’ major trading relationships. Examples of these kinds of clients include local business councils, as well as different trade and investment promotion agencies. These types of organizations have a need to assure their own clients and members, in turn, of continued, stable trade relations, especially given current geopolitical conditions. 

Having or not having access to critical, nuanced intelligence regarding the strategic and political aspects of the U.S.’ relationship with other major powers can mean the difference between success or failure for certain organizations. Entities, such as think thanks and academic institutes, may have time or ideological constraints which may not allow them to focus their resources fully on a given strategic topic. Bright Group can fill this niche through our proprietary connections with subject matter experts, allowing us to add value for our clients in a much more timely manner.